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P1-Gaming Daytona 500
Posted By Ricardo Edelmann

Daytona International Speedway
Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 11:15 AM
(ends Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 04:00 PM)
Timezone: Europe/London

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  1. Gibt es Morgen noch ein Briefing im TS und falls ja wann?

    MfG Stefan

    PS: schon mal Danke an die Orga!!!!
  2. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Ja gegen Ende des Warmups
  3. Paul Benoist

    Paul Benoist New Member

    Dear 24 hour Nords teams, if for some reason you are not able to participate tomorrow as team, there are at least 2 reserve teams ready to jump in.
    Please don't wait last minute (tonight still possible), as the organizers are not 'able' to active the reserves in time.
    I wish you all a pleasant race tomorrow. Thank you
    Lieber 24 Stunde Nords Team, falls aus welchen Grund auch immer, ihr Morgen nicht fahren könnt, gibt es Reserven Teams welcher bereit sind.
    Bitte wartet nicht bist zu letzte Minute (heute abend noch möglich), da die Veranstalter die Reserven Teams dann nicht mehr aktivieren 'können'.
    Viel Spaß morgen. Danke
  4. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Ich habe auf den letzten Drücker unseren Stream PC aufgerüstet. Leider hat es nicht mehr für die Grafik gereicht daher haben wir heute so gut es geht alles eingestellt. Aktuell läuft es mit den vielen clints ganz gut. Sollte es trotzdem morgen mal zu rucklern kommen möchte ich euch bitten nicht stundenlang im stream zu diskutieren. Ne neue Grafikkarte wird organisiert und mein Game PC ist mit angeschlossen. Wir sind auf alles vorbereitet.

    Euer P1-Media Team

    I upgraded our Stream PC at the last minute. Unfortunately, it was no longer enough for the graphics, so today we have adjusted as much as possible. Currently it is running well with the many clints. Should it still come to jerk tomorrow morning I would like to ask you not for hours in the stream to discuss. Ne new graphics card is organized and connected to my game PC. We are prepared for everything.

    Your P1 media team
  5. Alex Meiser

    Alex Meiser Member

    Wir fahren morgen aber mit 1117 oder? Könnte man im Briefing noch anpassen ;)
  6. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    jap wir fahren mit 1117
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  7. Kaashif Iftikhar

    Kaashif Iftikhar New Member

    is there teamspeak information anywhere? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  8. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    At the front of the hp one the right side is a ts3 botten.;)

    And give me your first and last real name please.
  9. David OReilly

    David OReilly Well-Known Member

    Wishing all teams and drivers a great 24 hours of the Nordschliefe.
    See you on the track.
  10. Lachlan Andrews

    Lachlan Andrews New Member

    Dspite upgrading to 117, verified integrity, downloaded the NOS on stream and file on the information page I still get a package not available error.
    Any advice? I'm certain I did everything right.
  11. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Try to join the practice and not the event server first like said in the briefing.
  12. David OReilly

    David OReilly Well-Known Member

    So gents with still 1 hour to go we will make a short report.
    We are sorry that VMads Orange car 50 Porsche GT3 had to withdraw due to technical issues. In short we had a nightmare race.

    Lars started the race in P28, we knew the huge pace of the top teams was out of our reach but we had 4 drivers who could all lap at 8:24 and hoped that with a clean run we could arrive in top 10.
    We didn't get one of those!

    Lars was tapped and spun at the end of the Dottinger Hoe by someone trying to win the race on lap 1. Repairs saw us rejoin in p52 dead last and 2m 20 sec from P1 and behind all the Cup cars. Lars worked his way through the cup cars losing approx. 2 more minutes to the leader and amazingly now had 6 GT3 cars behind him and was back in P28. If that was all that went wrong we would have been ecstatic.

    From there a suite of technical issues hit us.
    Lars started to suffer hardware performance issues especially on the GP circuit. So I took the car after 1 hour instead of 2 hours.
    I had big hardware performance issues with a purple CPU graph over maximum and physics dropping out of real time. FPS hit 8 FPS and car was undriveable.
    Luciano tried to take over but driver swap would not work. It kept leaving me in the car.

    In the meantime Lars drove 30 mins to Bjorns house to use his PC. Eventually I handed over to Lars.
    I hope in the 2nd hour that I managed to stay out of the way of other cars while I did maybe 5 laps. Other cars were a blur once they got close and my FFB was dropping out, with an OSW wheel that gets physical.
    Lars was able to drive in Bjorns rig OK.
    Luciano and I both disabled plugins and checked driver swaps on the practice server. Everything was perfect in the practice server!

    I took the car again at 9 hours and it was perfect! Enjoyed 3 great fun laps and then the restart occurred and it was almost as bad as before, driveable but very tricky. I was amused when on restart and in P46 the car in P47 and 2 laps down from us and 4 laps down on P45 and 17 hours left to race, wanted to go side by side into the pit lane and then pass me on track under code 60. It was the same car that tapped Lars on lap 1 so I decided to let him have his red mist without us. The first lap after the restart was carnage, maybe 8 cars damaged.

    On Dottinger Hoe the shaking of the OSW wheel due to the FFB dropping in and out finally took its toll and I got a black screen, my desk had shaken so much that my power cable had fallen out the back of my monitor!

    Next pit stop Luciano took over. Everything went perfectly from his side, he was racing and in-car info was correct. The problem was that I was also still in our car and Live timing could only see me!

    We were +5 laps from the next car, performance issues continued and we decided it was getting like torture so regretfully withdrew.

    I think this is my 5th one of these events if I include the original one b4 P1 began. This was the hardest and the least rewarding. Still it was great to work with my team mates.

    I am in awe of the pace of the top drivers.
    More in awe of the top Cup car drivers, you are supermen.
    I want to thank @Simon Christmann and @Ricardo Edelmann and their team for the huge job you have done. I feel bad that its largely a thankless one. This event is the highlight of my sim racing year and probably of my racing year. The work you and your team do makes this race happen.

    Regarding RF2; Before people start running around saying the sky is falling in, I want to say that in 5 years of endurance racing this is the only one we didn't finish. There are some technical issues with 52 cars on track and I'm sure they will get sorted. As S397 push the software forwards we will probably encounter more and they will get sorted. For me Rfactor2 is still the king.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  13. Franck Dechavanne

    Franck Dechavanne New Member

    good race, good fun, not exactly the result we were looking for but we got hit hard by technical issues between internet drop outs and driver swap glitches. still an enjoyable ride. cars are fun and that track is too.
    congrats to orga and everyone else who completed the race!
  14. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Great fun, well organised, really enjoyed it. Simply too tired to write something longer.
    Thanks in the name of all SIMMSA esports drivers!!!
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  15. Jason Nik

    Jason Nik New Member

    Good racing all, congrats to the winners. Enjoyable race despite our technical issues and our crashing issues in restart :p
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  16. Adam Karkuszewski

    Adam Karkuszewski Active Member

    Started P31 ... after three and half hours i made it to P11.
    Our Audi was for 20 hours in contention for TOP10 and even in TOP6 finish in middle of race.

    Red Flag messed our position and advanateges over others. Audi was lacking speed basicly and when weather/temperatures where set to default, our setup was messed up. Breaks and tires where different life and working characteristics. Pace droped -> another learning expirience.

    Anyway, I didnt make so much practice and then I had flallwles 9.5 hours of driving through 3x3h stints. No crashes, no spins, pace under 8:20, only two time wall brusch.

    See You in next races but with OUR own team.
    Thank You to Admins, Brodcast and Stewards. GREAT GREAT JOB GUYS !

    When can we have first replays from server ?
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  17. Aleksey Myzin

    Aleksey Myzin New Member

    Admins, thanks for the race !!!
    Don't give up, and I hope this is not the last such event!
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  18. Jan Studenski

    Jan Studenski Active Member

    As a result of that, did you have unexpected oversteer / understeer? Like suddenly it would snap?
  19. Don Baumbach

    Don Baumbach New Member

  20. Jason Whited

    Jason Whited New Member

    The SHQM #664 Cup car team would like to first and foremost thank all admin and every single person involved in making this event happen. The hard work and dedication to this, all for our fun, does not go unnoticed by some. Many of us are very grateful for those willing to sacrifice their time and other pursuits to bring us events such as this. A very special race for many.
    We would be extremely saddened if this was the last of such events, but if that is to be the case, it is understandable.

    As for the #664 team, the drive itself was brutal. We experienced many problems along the way; first was an unfortunate disconnect from the server on my 23rd lap.
    This put us many laps down, and it took quite some time to get back on track and in the race again. Later it was a few incidents.....then for one driver, broken hardware (wheel gave up the ghost)

    We soldiered on, with the help of every driver. At times morale would become low, fatigue would set in, we would move one step forwards and then two backwards again...but due to the outstanding communication with a great group of guys, we were able to laugh at ourselves and our situation and we were able to bring morale back to a good place.

    In the end, we may not have finished where we thought we might...but we feel a victory after seeing the checkered flag.
    For most of us, even those experienced in 24 hr racing, this was our first 24 hr Nords race....to bring the car home after all those hours, and through all the hardship was an excellent experience.

    This race is eternally etched in our minds'. We thank P1 Gaming for the hard work, and we want to thank all drivers who shared this track and this experience with us.
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