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  1. Mohammed El Gueriri

    Mohammed El Gueriri New Member

    Name: Mohammed "MelBonkers" El Gueriri
    Age: 41
    Nationality: Dutch

    Simrace experience: My first sim was Microprose F1 GP. I actually bought the game first and then started convincing my dad I needed a PC back in 1993. Have played a lot of sims since then. I was a very active WMD Member on Project CARS where I met a lot of simracing friends. Organiser of the WMD Le Mans trips 2014, 2015 and 2016. Racing addict and hardware geek. I'm not the fastest driver, but I think I'm quite capable of combining speed with a reliable drive.
    Active in the following supporting communities (some more then others): (VEC), RevolutionSimracing (RSR), The Gentleman's Club (TGC)

    Favorite car in rFactor2: Our Oreca Nissan LMP2 "Izabela" that we run in the VEC Division 3 season 10

    Your biggest moment/achievement in Simracing: Winning the 8h of Fuji, 12h of Istanbul and 8h of Silverstone in the VEC Division 3 season 10.

    I decided to join P1 gaming as @Jan Studenski and @Michael Roellin asked me if I could help them out. I thought let's give it a go with the 6h Road America race. That and @Jan Studenski and @Michael Roellin said they would hurt my pet hamster if I didn't :p:D
  2. Thomas Meier

    Thomas Meier Member

    Name: Tom oder Thomas wie ihr möchtet
    Age: 31 :(
    Nationality: Deutsch/German

    Simrace experience: Die meisten hier kenn mich vll noch von rFactor 1 Zeiten her, hab mir rF1 angefangen und vor 2 Jahren ca aufgehört, da der wandel damals zu iRacing ohne wirkliche Alternative mich nicht mehr gereizt hat. Nun durch VR und anderen kleinen Faktoren, möchte ich wieder ein wenig Teilhaben an der SimRacing welt und meinen Spaß zusammen mit ecuh haben.

    Keep SimRacingo_O
  3. Yuanxi Lin

    Yuanxi Lin New Member

    Name: Yuanxi Lin
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Chinese
    Simrace experience: 2 years, 4 months in rFactor2
    Active in the following supporting community: Revolution Sim Racing
    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: Still too new to the game, the only car I have turned quite several laps will be AMG GT3 from GT3 World Series MOD
    Your biggest moment/achievement in Simracing: Finishing runner-up in 2018 iRacing 24H Daytona Split 15 with @Tom Young and another teammate after all kind of issues occurring during the 24 hour period.
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  4. Nick Newcombe

    Nick Newcombe New Member

    Name: Nick Newcombe
    Age:100 :confused:
    Nationality: British
    Simrace experience: Online since 2006. Multiclass in North American Grand Prix (NAGP), and SimRacing.Club (SRC), & Virtual Online Racers (VOR), rF2 Asia
    Active in the following supporting community: SimRacing.Club - VEC Division 3 (RD),
    Your biggest moment/achievement in Simracing: Winning P2 Championship at SRC & Porsche Challenge Cup at VOR in same year
  5. Tiziano Urbinati

    Tiziano Urbinati New Member

    Name: Tiziano Urbinati
    Age: 31
    Nationality: Italian
    Simrace experience: 5 years, rFactor/rF2 Iracing
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  6. Benno

    Benno Member

    Name: Benno
    Nationality: Deutsch/German
    Simrace experience: seit GTR2 dabei und aktuell in iRacing
    Active in the following supporting communiti(es):
    -1. Place 24 Hours of Nurburgring 2017 (Porsche 911 GT3 Cup) Splitt 5
    -6. Place 24 Hours of Daytona 2018 (Corvette C7 DP) Splitt 6

    Favorite car(s) in iRacing: Porsche 919, Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991)
    Favorite track(s) in iRacing: Nordschleife, Infineon,
  7. Joao Pitaes

    Joao Pitaes New Member

    Name: João Pitães
    Age: 26
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Simrace experience: 9 years, only got serious about a year ago
    Active in the following supporting communiti(es): Formula SimRacing

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: All Endurance Pack cars, Formulas, GT3...

    Your biggest moment/achievement in Simracing: 2nd in AOR 24h of Le Mans in GTE class
  8. Sven Roehl

    Sven Roehl New Member

    Name: Sven Roehl
    Age: 26
    Nationality: German

    Simrace experience: About 18 years. I started as a young child with a Thrustmaster Ferrari Wheel and Colin McRae 2.0.
    I actually drove nearly every simulation that exists but most with rfactor 1, Race07, iRacing and Assetto Corsa.

    Active in the following supporting communiti(es):

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: Porsche 911 GTE, Renault Clio Cup and Enduracers Flat Six

    Your biggest moment/achievement in Simracing: Several nice events on iRacing, P1 gaming and
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  9. Martin Hamann

    Martin Hamann New Member

    Name: Martin Hamann
    Age: 42
    Nationality: German
    Simrace experience: Start 2000/2001 Toca Touring Car, GranTurismo 1-5, since 2014 iRacing
    Active in the following supporting communiti(es): P1-Gaming e.V., Virtual Racing, SRD, Member of GTTempel Racing

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: I dont no, its a new Sim
    Your biggest moment/achievement in Simracing: Driver at the Simracing Expo two times in a row.
  10. Mike Öhlmann

    Mike Öhlmann New Member

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin der Mike Öhlmann komme aus Hannover/Garbsen bin 41 Jahre jung. Fahre schon ein paar Jahre sim racing. Komme von dem MSRL Forum und wollte mal Langstrecke mit fahren.
  11. David Tepper

    David Tepper Active Member

    Hey Mike willkommen. Können ja mal quatschen falls du noch ein Team suchst oder macht ihr mit euren Leuten eins? Grüße von der SLRT
  12. David Serra

    David Serra New Member

    Name: David Serra
    Age: 32
    Nationality: Spanish
    Simrace experience: 9-10 years
    Active in the following supporting communiti(es): rFactor2 communities

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: GTE and LMP2 cars.
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  13. David Nichols

    David Nichols New Member

    Name: David Nichols
    Age: 38
    Nationality: British
    Simrace experience: 10+ years
    Active in the following supporting communiti(es): rFactor2 communities

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: GTE and GT3
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  14. Ron Squire

    Ron Squire New Member

    Name: Ron Squire
    Age: 24
    Nationality: British/Welsh
    Simrace experience: 7 years, 4 in rFactor2
    Active in the following supporting communiti(es): Formula SimRacing, Waga Racing League, Virtual Online World Series.

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: F1 1996 (Williams FW18), USF2000

    Your biggest moment/achievement in Simracing: Not particularly as a driver, but as a commentator, in 2013 I was part of the RaceDepartment LMS Commentary team with Scott Woodwiss and James Kirk among others, my first endurance commentary was the 10hrs of Road America, it was good fun (from my end anyways), but the next event was the Le Mans 24hrs which I first experienced proper endurance of doing commentary at extensive hours, I did 3 stints which I was never used to before I was practically an amateur back then, buts thats my best achievement, I'm more experienced now done more commentaries, not properly broke into the big time yet, but still aiming high about it.
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  15. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker New Member

    Name: Ryan Walker
    Age: 30
    Nationality: Scottish
    Simrace experience: Six years on rFactor 1, four or five on rFactor 2 and 8 years on and off on iRacing. I currently race in the M1 Endurance league on rFactor 2 and the Weekend Warriors league in the Spec Racer Ford on iRacing and compete in the special endurance events on iRacing at the moment along with some official series stuff when time allows.

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: The Endurance Pack
  16. Jake Southcombe

    Jake Southcombe New Member

    Name: Jake Southcombe
    Age: 25
    Nationality: English
    Simrace experience: Too many years ;)

    So I've been around motorsport all my life since I was a few months old going to my first F1 race, and been going ever since.
    Now take part in marshalling for some tracks in the uk for the BTCC and British GT, I've been doing this for 7 years now.
  17. Jesus Sanchez

    Jesus Sanchez New Member

    Name: Jesus Sanchez
    Age: 23
    Nationality: Spain
    Simrace experience: 10 years, 6 years in rF and 4 years in rF2 and 1 year in iRacing. 6 years experience in endurance

    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: Chevrolet Corvette GTE
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  18. Rafael Carballedo

    Rafael Carballedo New Member

    Name: Rafael Carballedo
    Age: 46
    Nationality: Spain
    Simrace experience: rFactor, GTR2 , Race 07, AC , rFactor 2.
    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: RW cars
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  19. Ihab Abbas

    Ihab Abbas New Member

    Name: Ihab Abbas
    Age: 47
    Nationality: Egyptian American
    Simrace experience: Started 2005 with LFS, rfacto, GTR Evo, WTCC, BTCC from simbin. Enjoyed simracing till I quit 2013 due to work obligations. Then I came back about 6 months ago.
    I love everything and anything runs on four wheel. But my beloved car of all times is the Mercedes AMG GT3.

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  20. Riyane El Mouslih

    Riyane El Mouslih New Member

    Name: Riyane El Mouslih
    Age: 29
    Nationality: Moroccan
    Simrace experience: iRacing, AC , rFactor 2, R3E.
    Favorite car(s) in rFactor2: GT3
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