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    Unbelievable, we are celebrating 10 years of P1-Gaming with you.
    10 years ago, we were only 5-6 people, the idea was born to found a small German Community, to drive together and organize some fun little races. In the beginning still on rFactor 1. With our very first event, the Kart Challenge, we were only 10 participants. The P1WST was introduced and we met every 2 weeks with 15 racers on the virtual tracks. We were streaming in 720p only back then. The first bigger series was introduced. Known today as the P1GTS, called P1GT in the beginning, with 30 virtual race drivers on the grid. With the GT500, Nascar and V8 Supercars further events followed.

    Middle of the year our collaboration with Schubert Motorsport and the contact to real motorsports started. First Interviews were made with real race drivers and we got to know more and more about motorsports. 2014 we started the first tries with rFactor 2 and the first Simracing Expo took place, were we had our first public outing. Yes, we were still small, but took part everywhere. The first big sponsor joined us in the form of Actoracer and since then, Simulationstechnik Lingnau is part of our community. Our first little studio, the first streaming PC at the Expo 2014, dude, were we excited. More sprint-series followed.

    2015, the step to becoming an e.V. (registered association). While many looked down on us, we took the step into the unknown and went on our path to become international. The best decision we have made yet. It was a tough and rocky road, but we were doing it our way. End of the year we organized our first 24h Nordschleife event and set the first paving stone for everything that followed. The entry into the world of multiclass endurance racing. From 2016 we followed up with 12h Bathurst, 12h Spa-Francorchamps, 12h of Sebring. Then came 2019. Now it got crazy, the P1LMS was born..... until today.

    It was never easy, but the little fish in shark infested waters survived and grew bigger. We want to thank each and everyone of you, who helped paving the road and make P1 to what it is today.

    As a small thank you we would like to make the upcoming P1 Porsche Cup free for all

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    Happy birthday P1 Gaming:)
    If my calendary is ok I will be here to participate at the new P1PC, thank you
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