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  1. Lars Hagemann
    Lars Hagemann Andrew Stokoe
    Hi Andrew,

    you said today you ve experienced freezes on the start finish straight. Maybe you can decreas "garage detail" in the player.json quite a bit, maybe down to 0.01 ..., could help.
  2. Massimiliano Ferrari
    Massimiliano Ferrari Markus Varnholt
    Hello have a test race to P1FC at hour start...thank
  3. Markus Broch
    Markus Broch
    langsam wird es voll hier
  4. Jon Uyan
    Jon Uyan Cameron Rodger
    Hi Cameron, David OReilly said that you may join us in English broadcast group? We have 12H Sebring coming up but we are also looking for members that can contribute on a regular basis.
    Please let me know about your interest in this and availability.
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  5. Arnold Hausmann
    Arnold Hausmann Markus Broch
    in der Hall of Fame ist dir ein kleiner Fehler unterlaufen.
    Beim 6h Rennen Road America, bei den Tourings.
    Platz 3 ist ''vMADS 2'' im ''BMW 125i''

    Arnold :)
  6. Silvio Striegler
  7. Silvio Striegler
  8. Shane Burke
  9. Shane Burke
  10. Markus Broch
  11. SFD-mave
    SFD-mave Markus Broch
    Kannst du mir bitte eine Mail schreiben ?
  12. Jan Studenski
    Jan Studenski Michael Roellin
    Hacker, hacked rF2 so AI would drive a 24h race on P1-Server at Nordschleife.
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  13. Jan Studenski
    Jan Studenski Mohammed el Gueriri
    Crazy dutch racer ... very serious about racing ... touching him and you are reported immediately. Being his teammate is a nightmare, will never do again ...
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  14. Ivor Thomas
  15. Ricardo Edelmann
    Ricardo Edelmann
    Ohne Bier, ohne mich! :D
  16. Markus Broch
    Markus Broch
    1. Simon Christmann
      Simon Christmann
      Jan 23, 2018
  17. Lars Hagemann
    Lars Hagemann Sebastian Pfeiffer
    Hi Sebastian, hast du gestern auch mal Lopez` Zweikampfverhalten kennenlernen dürfen.. ich saß ja in der ersten Reihe. :)
    Der ist echt reif für ne payback.Er fuhr auch nach dem start wieder total wild..
  18. Markus Broch
    Markus Broch
    Voooolllll der P1ST is voll
  19. Markus Broch
  20. Markus Broch
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