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Rain "spray"

Discussion in 'Tips and Support' started by Nelson Lira, Apr 14, 2018 at 11:45 PM.

  1. Nelson Lira

    Nelson Lira New Member

    I have a question regarding rF2. Is it possible to remove the spray effect caused by the rain? Is there any file to change that?
  2. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member

    Don´t see any reason for that and hope you will not suggest this for 24h-Series-Events, -but if i´m right, you could avoid spay with reducing grafic detail, but don´t ask me which.
  3. Joern Dette

    Joern Dette Member

    lol? earnestly? I hope only because of frame problems...
  4. Nelson Lira

    Nelson Lira New Member

    Yes, that is the problem. I want to prevent FPS problems. Is it possible?

  5. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member

    Yes, maybe. But to be honest it should not go this way, because it should the same for all. It´s not, if drivers with good hardware or miss to reduce details must drive in spray, and others could see cars in front as it were dry. If you must look through the spray, you let more gap to the car in front and had more disadvantage.
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  6. Joern Dette

    Joern Dette Member

    I think Rain Drops off and special effects off. i hope so.
  7. Nelson Lira

    Nelson Lira New Member

    Thanks, Joern. I have a very old processor... And when I mean old, I mean old! It has almost a decade... o_O
    Nevertheless, it seems it is impossible. At least I couldn't do it.

    Rene, it wasn't for the 24H series events. I tried to race at 6H Atlanta and at that time I couldn't do it... There were too many cars on track and my processor simply couldn't handle it.

    Thank you both anyway.
  8. Joern Dette

    Joern Dette Member

    ok, yesterday i have massiv problems in a other series with rain :eek:. it can do with the track, or with the rain grafics, or some else.

    i have a fx8350 8-core, 12gb ram and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti.

    my system was by max 60% power but laggs never ending :(. i think it is a build problem in dx11, i have no other idea...

    my old sys had a workload over 95% under dx9 by dry conditions, that is so amazing stupid... :mad:
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018 at 8:59 AM
  9. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    If you are recording replay just disable them. Maybe this helps. Since this build i also have problems but mainly lags in replay not when i am racing. Only thing is when i am to long on a server my frames drop slowly over time.
  10. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member

    I have an FX6300, 8GB and MSI-GTX960 Gaming in tripple configuration, but no multi view. After upgrade to Gigabyte-Board with 16x GPU port i´ve lost many performance also with micro lags and stutters. Unfortunately i did not realize where i find the solution, i´ve overclocked, tested many options in BIOS and nVidia settings and now it´s good driveable on medium settings, even in spray on Road America with lot cars and rising sun. So i will recommend to try also some settings, because only new hardware will not guarantee an success.
  11. Joern Dette

    Joern Dette Member

    after the change of my hardware, i test it various options in my nvidia system. in the bios system i work nothing, it is not my area.

    now i have a better work with this settings in front of the old setting with the new hardware, but the problem yesterday was strange. i think i drive the 12h under dx9... it is the safety variant

    simon, yes, you said sometime ago to me that i should disable the recording, that was the only what i forgot, but this can not the problem is