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Discussion in 'General Information' started by Markus Broch, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. Markus Broch

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    Here we want to collect your wishes and suggestions. What did you like or what do you not like.
  2. Marc Veit

    Marc Veit Member

    More classes for 24H Nordschleife
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  3. Markus Broch

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    Porsche Cup Marc, Porsche Cup...
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  4. Sebastian Pfeiffer

    Sebastian Pfeiffer Active Member

    Please make more exact statements in regards of the track limits, especially for qualifying. In the Porsche Cup and some other sprint series grid position and the start is vital as it's very difficult to overtake afterwards - near impossible without the driver in front making a mistake. Drivers are able to handle every rule in regards of track limits (or they have to accept the penalty, if they ignore them), but one has to know exactly, what is ontrack and what is offtrack.

    For example yesterday in the briefing it was said, that the white lines define the track limit, especially Aqua Minerale. Problem A) Not everyone might know which corner Aqua Minerale is. Problem B) I then asked, what the rule is in regards of Variante Alta. Race steward told me "the curb belongs to the track at that chicane". As quali was already starting at that point, there was no time to ask further, but in my view that contradicts the sentence, that was said moments earlier in the briefing. I would guess being allowed to take that curb could make a difference of 3 to 5 tenths alone per lap. And for me it raised the questions, how other corners (for example Variante Villeneuve) would be handled. (Basically you can go outside of the white lines in every corner in Imola, even though it might not give you a faster lap time)

    Best case would be a functioning cut detection system by game, because as a driver you instantly get a feedback, if the lap was valid or not and you can't even set invalid lap times. But I know that it is very difficult and time consuming to change the cut tracks at some corners of some tracks. And on the other hand I also accept that the cut detection at Aqua Minerale is rubbish and the fastest way round this corner looks very bad on stream and also feels wrong as a driver, so to just let the game handle it, also doesn't work everywhere (Red Bull Ring is another prime example).

    But if you take, what was said in the briefing, literally, I doubt there would be a lot of valid laps (and not because of Aqua Minerale) and the race control would have a huge work load after every event.

    If I had to write the rules, I would probably state something like: Track limits are handled by the simulation. Exceptions for Imola: Turns x and y (plus track map from the interwebs so everyone knows, where turns x and y are). Maybe add a picture like was done for Red Bull Ring (zoomed in a bit more, as it was difficult to exactly see, what was ok and what wasn't) or just write, that the white lines / the curb or whatever define the track limit. And add if it's enough that one tire barely scratches e.g. the white line or if two tires have to completly be on the white line or whatever... race stewards decide, but please let us know in advance, what criteria you'll use, when you check laps. ;)

    Wall of text, but I hope you get the point. I also think, it could save a lot of time having possible discussions or having disappointed drivers, because they got a penalty and don't know why.

    btw. reversed grid races would be quite a bit more interesting in my view and probably also more entertaining to commentate on compared to the format right now, where the slow always start at the back and Moriz always starts at the front. :p
  5. Markus Broch

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    Yes, I know where you are going with the limitation. That is an issue we are working on. The format we have deliberately made so because we are oriented to the original, which does not exist in simracing. reversed grid is an option, but is always and everywhere done. But you could vote for it.

    Thanks for the great feedback
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