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Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Simon Christmann, Dec 9, 2017.

6h Road Atlanta - 20.01.2018
Posted By Simon Christmann

Braselton, Georgia,
Braselton, GA, USA
Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 01:00 PM
(ends Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 08:00 PM)
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam

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  1. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Post here or contacting an admin directly ;)
    I have removed your entries.
  2. Nelson Lira

    Nelson Lira Member

    Ok, Simon. Please, remove Playteam #11 and Playteam #50 from P3 registration. Thanks.
  3. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    2nd Line :)
  4. Adam Karkuszewski

    Adam Karkuszewski Active Member

    connecion lost

    server was jerky from 30min up
  5. Andrew Stokoe

    Andrew Stokoe New Member

    I had a screen freeze on the start/finish straight. Put me out of the race. Server was jerky and laggy throughout for me.
  6. From my point of view, the server had no problem. Adam was not laggy, as i was following him. With his lost of connection he just disappeared. I´m not sure if that is really a server problem.
  7. For us (9 people) server ran flawlessly. 1 person had a short freeze on start/finish straight and 1 other a short slow down. But this probably doesn't come from P1-server but from PC or game+PC in combination, so on client side.

    Race was very fair, good behaviour from everyone I came across.

    But attendance was shockingly low (in all 3 test races). I think only around 40 different drivers attended at least one of the 3 races, and there are around 140 drivers in the starting list. I know there are some teams from down under or south america, which want to compete, but the majority is from Europe... especially LMP-categories only had a couple of drivers compete in each of the test races?!? And these are probably harder to drive compared to the GT class, so practise (with traffic around) should be more important. I learnt nothing concerning being lapped by LMP2, where they are trying to pass, where it can work and where it doesn't.

    After the signup was full after only 1h there was a big discussion, but for the test races noone shows up. With a new mod I guess it would've been good to see, if there are any problems with 50 cars on track, but with only 25 cars max in test races that's not possible. In Road Atlanta we at least had 40 to 45 cars in the test race if I remember correctly.
  8. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Results and replay are linked in the first post.
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  9. Links changed...under replay is results and vica versa :D
  10. Adam Karkuszewski

    Adam Karkuszewski Active Member

    to my mistake - I was driving on WiFi ...
  11. Joern Dette

    Joern Dette Administrator P1 gaming e.V.

    Ich werde hier mal auf Deutsch darauf Antworten, bevor ich noch in Englisch erkläre wie man Spaghetti kocht...
    Spaß bei Seite, ich sehe es ganz genau so und damit hab ich sogar ein großes Problem.
    Ich habe vor Jahren selbst schon einmal erlebt, das LMP Fahrer den Testrennen fern blieben und im Main Event gab es eine förmliche "Schlachtung". Viele LMPs dachten, sie könnten rein halten, wo auch immer. Null Rücksicht, gar nichts. Ich weiß das die Teilnehmer hier ein sehr Faires verhalten bis dato an den Tag legten (bis auf ganz wenige Ausnahmen zu Anfang des Jahres), aber hier sehe ich ein großes Defizit.
    Ich hoffe ich Täusche mich, aber ebenso hoffe ich, das sich so langsam auch LMP Fahrer mal einfinden und nicht nur auf Hotlaps gehen...
    In diesem Sinne...
  12. David Beranek

    David Beranek New Member

    With skin deadline closing in are you planning to fill those unwanted P3 spots by teams of other class from reserve list? (there is now more P3 spots than P2 anyways)
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  13. Manuel Duerr

    Manuel Duerr Member

    Would love to hear an answer about this aswell
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  14. Jon Uyan

    Jon Uyan Well-Known Member

    There should also be a confirmation from all teams that they are attending, as there are quite a lot of teams with drivers not registered to the league yet! (Red color names)
    This is important when there is a reserve list.
  15. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member

    Rennsimulanten confirm every signed car.
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  16. Adam Karkuszewski

    Adam Karkuszewski Active Member

    I will send skin today. Sorry for delay
  17. Adam Karkuszewski

    Adam Karkuszewski Active Member

    Those idiots in SRC changed the date of first VLMS race .... to 29.09 ... i hate it
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  18. Roberto De Filippis

    Roberto De Filippis Active Member

    I confirm the retired from the Sikania team race registered in the P3 category.
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  19. Cody Blanton

    Cody Blanton New Member

    ACR Zakspeed GTE #15 BMW M8 is fully confirmed and good to go.

    ACR Zakspeed P3 #114 Norma M30 will be all confirmed soon. Getting both unconfirmed drivers to create accounts on here asap.

    Liveries are being made for both cars and will be sent before the new deadline. Sorry for the delay, our original designer had his HDD fail and we lost the work-in-progress liveries last week.
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  20. David Tepper

    David Tepper Member

    We have to make a change on the Lineup for our both cars.
    Steffen tried to change it but it doesn´t work.
    Please can the staff change it?

    LMP2: add driver David Tepper
    GTE: add driver Oliver Zimmermann

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