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Discussion in 'P1 News' started by Ricardo Edelmann, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Ricardo Edelmann

    Ricardo Edelmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V. P1 Steward

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    Hello everyone,

    In the last few weeks our staff members have had all hands on finalizing the last things for the P1LMS2019 and the year overall.


    As a result we can be proud to announce a partnership with Studio397.
    After a few talks with Marcel Offermans (Managing Director of Studio397) we could come up with an agreement. Support from the technical side and social media coverage for both parties sealed the deal.
    A few changes needed to be made within our plannings for the P1LMS2019 which we will announce in another Announcement soon to follow.


    Your P1-Gaming e.V. Staff
  2. Jon Uyan

    Jon Uyan Well-Known Member SimHQM

    Congratulations P1, well deserved accomplishment. We are here to sport you guys and continue participating exciting racing series in rock solid P1 servers.
  3. Alleric Enslin

    Alleric Enslin New Member

    Excellent stuff. Congrats guys!
  4. Doug Atkinson

    Doug Atkinson Member

    Just fantastic! Huge congratulations and looking forward to your great event successes!
  5. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Member

    Exactly deserved to be involved. You are doing well!
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