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Discussion in 'General Information' started by Simon Christmann, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Ricardo Boeckmann

    Ricardo Boeckmann New Member

    Hab einmal 2 sachen
    Zum einen ist mir gerade ein Fehler im Spotterguide aufgefallen; peyo peev wird auf autos geführt, fälschlicherweise auch auf dem Hansa Racing unter deutscher flagge, dafür fehlt uns Jannik Putz im Hansa.

    Und die eigentliche frage - Kann man im Warmup problemlos ein Fahrerwechsel machen? Oder würde das für Probleme in der Startaufstellung geben?
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  2. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member P1 gaming e.V.


    bei uns hat es schon mehrfach und auch im letzten Rennen in Silverstone problemlos funktioniert!
  3. Adam Helyes

    Adam Helyes Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    There is a "Last years results" page? It would be nice to look back sometimes. :)
  4. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    There are still all threads from last year combined in one archive thread. Somewhere inside there (most likely at the beginning) are all the race threads with the link to simresults ;)

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  5. Good evening P1-staff,

    as the round 6 of P1-LMS server is "ON" (Road America - GP course)
    can we have the post for password for training ?
    or only for P1 private test now?

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  6. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    If there is no new race thread with the password it normally still the one from the last event ;)
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  7. danke Simon
  8. Tonnie Jansen

    Tonnie Jansen New Member P1 gaming e.V.

    On behalf of DSG Motorsport #157, we would like to thank the organization for allowing us to participate in the last three races,

    Although the results could have been better, we still enjoyed the great field of participants.

    We hope we can be there from the start next season.

    See you on the Nordschleife!
  9. James Lyke

    James Lyke Active Member

    Thankyou from all at RevolutionSimRacing for the hard work and commitment that once again has made this a great championship. Has been a fun season and the mix between DPi and LMP2 being so close has made it alot of fun, sure its been frustrating at times but the closeness of the two classes has made for some really good racing. already looking forward to the fight next season!
    enjoy your winter everyone! :)
  10. Thanks to the admin for all the hard work... our first season in P1LMS - we had lots of technical issues with disconnects and lags that kind of spoiled our season but we still enjoyed the racing.
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