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Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Simon Christmann, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

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  2. I have a question regarding the cut rules as this could be problematic at Silverstone.

    As we know rF2 will give out a penalty if you have cut the track 3 times. If these cuts are your own fault you have to take the penalty. If you let the penalty be removed by the stewards, but they indeed were your fault, you will get 1 lap added after the race.

    So far that's quite clear.

    Now what happens if I gain 2 cuts because I get pushed wide by another car or run wide to avoid contact, but the 3rd cut (which then awards me the penalty by the game) is completly my own fault. Are the stewards looking at each of the 3 cuts and there won't be a lap added after the race if one of these cuts was indeed not your own fault. Or is only the 3rd cut the diciding one because it's to much work for the stewards to find every cut.

    I hope my question is understandable. I can live with both ways one can interpret the rules, I just want to know before the race, how this is dealt with, so that in the race we can decide whether to take a penalty, which might not be completly our fault, or to let it be removed by the rules.
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  4. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

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    Only the 3rd cut is deciding as there is no log when the first two happened.
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  5. Jan Studenski

    Jan Studenski Member

    If you could proof by Stream or something?
  6. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

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    No. As streamers or teams, the had been lucky to be in the official stream would have an unfair advantage against others.
  7. Manuel Duerr

    Manuel Duerr Member

    So that is a normal overtake attempt @Csaba Kiss ??? And after that calling us idiots in the chat ???

  8. Alex Braeutigam

    Alex Braeutigam New Member

    Public blaming on the forum about something what happens quite often in practice sessions, kind of bad attitude! I am pretty sure that was not on purpose...
    Sorry for that and let us not try to bring bad vibrations before race start!
  9. Manuel Duerr

    Manuel Duerr Member

    I can post the chat as well where he is calling our team idiots etc... I have no hard feelings, but divebombing out from hell and then blaming us + calling us literally idiots in an arrogant manner.

    That's why I posted this picture :)
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  10. Michael Mros

    Michael Mros New Member

    Better save that energy for later stages of the race, guys. :D
  11. For me the first stint already made my saturday worth while. What an awesome stint with @Kevin Jaeger and @Nick Westphal! :D Hope everyone won't have technical issues and the fight will head on till dawn!
  12. Alex Braeutigam

    Alex Braeutigam New Member

    You shouldn't have mentioned this stuff about the technical issues :confused:. Both team suffered due to this.

    Well anyway, congrats!
  13. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member

    Grats from my side in name of the Team Raceland-Rennsimulanten and YNHR, to the winning Black Hawk-Team, and my drivers Sebastian Pfeiffer and Manuel Geusen for winning GT-Class! They did best performance with no big issues and really consistency driving.

    As someone claims in the Youtube-Chat, that we did arrange something with the V-Mads-Team, i must clarify, that this isn´t true anyway and we never had arrange something with any team! We did not even did some team strategy inside our multiple cars from Raceland, Rennsimulanten und YNHR! If someone find something in server replay what proves something else, feel free to reproach us and we will take note of and make an statement to this accusation!
    If someone is not up to date with the entrylist, that said, that we are one team, and we had no need to use other teams to support us, we could do it alone with our cars! But everyone is responsible for themselves, especially we from #27 Raceland-Gold-Porsche had could do some interventions for our other cars, because we had lot of gap and nothing to loose. But i´m sure, no one can find one clear situation, where we or one other car of us did some unsportsmanlike driving with the target, to gain advantage for #911 or #30.
    Rennsimulanten.de stands for sportsmanlike driving, but we know others here, who did not do!

    Best regards to all fair drivers! I did not have really big issues with even only one other driver and i´m glad for next race.

  14. David Tepper

    David Tepper Member

    First i want to congrats all Teams who finished this tricky race.
    After that thank you Rene for clarifing that there wasn´t any arrange whit us to crash out any of our competitors.
    Also i want thank everybody who make this Event happen. Great Organisation like everytime P1.

    Now i will try to discribe our races from our view.
    Yes we have to say SORRY to some Teams we crashed whit. The most Teams we have contacted via ts. If you think there wasn´t any excuse from our side please notice this or feel free to contact me for a clarification of the Scene. Also i have to Mention that there wasn´t any Purpose to crash a other car. The crashes all were just a result of Problems whit our Setup or the wheater. I know this isn´t an apolygy but somehing like a discription why this happend. All this is the hard truth but i don´t understand why this led to this shitstorm in the youtubechat. I think our Team vMADS isn´t noticed negativ in any races of the past three years of participation in P1 Endurance races that we all finished free from the result. As an Team who knows well how it feel to be crashed out we whishes nobody this Kind of incident.
    I hope i could explain our view of this race and i hope everybody still likes to drive races against vMADS.

    ps: sorry for my bad english

    David Tepper
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