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    P1LMS is back, folks. Round 6, as usual, takes flight across the Atlantic, this time south of the Equator. We need to talk to the series scheduler! Interlagos is the host this time, 8 hours the duration. This track, nestled between a few bodies of water, is almost half the length of the iteration Formula 1 raced in the 1970s. Yet the track demands the utmost skill, with fast, narrow sections and an infield that demands deft work through traffic. Best not get hungover partying with the locals before the race!

    After Round 5, we have a tie at the top of the leaderboard! In GTE, Black Hawk Racing is closing the gap, not letting YourNameHere Racing run away with the championship.

    1. 77 - #106 Black Hawk Racing
    2. 77 - #88 Me Myself and I alone
    3. 52 - #42 Hansa Racing
    4. 51 - #9 Schubert Motorsport
    5. 50 - #11 One Target
    1. 95 - #911 YourNameHere Racing
    2. 74 - #81 Black Hawk Racing GTE
    3. 58 - #30 Raceland DE
    4. 53 - #12 Drace Motorsport
    5. 45 - #26 Rennsimulanten DE II


    I can’t believe it, it happened again! For the fourth race in a row, Black Hawk Racing nailed pole position.. Csaba Kiss, at the helm of the Oreca 07, logged a 1:19.31. Our recent championship challengers, One Target, managed P2, with Henning Wollert logging a 1:19.53. Third place was claimed by Michael Roelln, placing the Me Myself and I alone car on the grid with a 1:19.59.

    Black Hawk Racing sure doesn’t let up. In GTE, they also took pole, the sister car logging a 1:27.77 in Sascha Glatter’s hands. RevolutionSimRacing IV took P2 with a 1:27.91, and Sebastian Pfeiffer placed the ever-present YourNameHere Racing Porsche in P3 with a 1:28.04.

    With 15 LMP2 and 17 GTE cars rolling from the grid, this tight track is ready to serve up some hot action.



    From pole, Black Hawk Racing was straight up hounded for position. The assault was on. And on lap 19, the offensive forces broke through. One Target took the lead. One Target was able to hold onto that lead until lap 71, when an incident took the car out of winning contention.

    At this point, it became a two-horse race. Me Myself and I alone showed stellar pace in qualifying. But it wasn’t Black Hawk pushing the MMI boys. No, it was Schubert Motorsport! The #9 of Lukas Moellmann and Mike Krybus spiced up this race immeasurably!


    On lap 72, Schubert took the lead. Lap 89, Me Myself and I alone hopped back to the lead. Lap 114 brought Schubert back to the front! This seesaw battle continued for laps, with pit stops inverting the order. Race strategies, as always, play a huge role in this vicious cycle.

    Come lap 175, and Me Myself and I alone was able to retake the lead. Due to taking tires, this scenario changed on lap 230, with Schubert inching ahead once again! It took until lap 241 for Me Myself and I alone to reassert itself in the lead, the fresh tires making easy work of Schubert.


    Schubert took its final set of tires on lap 262, and found itself 62 seconds in arrears. However, the hunt was on! Meanwhile, Me Myself and I alone made its final tire switch on lap 286, and came out of the pits 15 seconds ahead of Schubert. With fresher rubber and a lead, this should be easy, right?

    Schubert made its final stop on lap 320, now 10 seconds in arrears of Me Myself and I alone. The clock was ticking. Lap after lap, the two cars circulated, Schubert trying to close the gap. Would those old tires hold up?

    The checkered flag fell on lap 340. It dropped over Me Myself and I alone, the race winners! Schubert crossed the line 8 seconds in arrears, those tires just not enough to close the gap. Closing the podium was Black Hawk Racing, finally taking a podium finish to match all those poles.
    1. #88 Me Myself and I alone
    2. #9 Schubert Motorsport
    3. #106 Black Hawk Racing
    4. #11 One Target
    5. #17 Drillers Motorsport

    In GTE, Black Hawk Racing held on to its lead for the full first hour. Of course, when the pit stops hit, the action started. That pesky YourNameHere Racing car decided to show off, taking the lead through pit cycles on lap 39. It was a lead that Black Hawk wasn’t ready to give up.

    Lap 60 saw the Black Hawk Racing car back in the lead, something it would not relinquish until lap 200. YourNameHere made another move, with pit strategy throwing the car back to the lead. Black Hawk Racing showed its strength again, taking the lead back on lap 228.


    YourNameHere tried once again, their pit strategy bringing them to the lead as Black Hawk Racing made its last pit stop on lap 282. With only a four second lead, YourNameHere tried to make its old tires work. However, it only took until lap 286 for Black Hawk to retake the lead, those fresh tires making quick work of YourNameHere.


    And so it finished. Black Hawk Racing took the win, their second in a row. YourNameHere Racing made a strong showing, taking second and adding more championship points to its war chest. Completing the podium is Rennsimulanten DE II, who held third place from lap 46 to the end.
    1. #81 Black Hawk Racing GTE
    2. #911 YourNameHere Racing
    3. #26 Rennsimulanten DE II
    4. #29 Falcon Motorsport III
    5. #12 Drace Motorsport

    With two rounds and 50 points remaining, we have a new series leader! Me Myself and I alone has taken over the championship lead for the first time, with Black Hawk Racing now in the chase position. Schubert Motorsport has some work to do to close the 31 point gap.
    1. 102 - #88 Me Myself and I alone
    2. 93 - #106 Black Hawk Racing
    3. 71 - #9 Schubert Motorsport
    4. 63 - #11 One Target
    5. 57 - #42 Hansa Racing
    In GTE, YourNameHere Racing is still up top, but Black Hawk Racing is not letting them run away with the championship.
    1. 115 - #911 YourNameHere Racing
    2. 99 - #81 Black Hawk Racing GTE
    3. 67 - #30 Raceland DE
    4. 64 - #12 Drace Motorsport
    5. 61 - #26 Rennsimulanten DE II
    Next Race

    Race 7 of the P1LMS Championship heads to North America, to that hallowed ground of… open wheel oval racing. Indianapolis’s infield will host a 6 hour race on September 14th.

    Credit to Jon Uyan for the screenshots

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