P1LMS 2021 - 8h Nürburgring GP Talk

Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Markus Broch, Dec 25, 2020.

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  1. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Oh dear, what a race. Our goal of the blue #127 Aston Martin with Stephan Kern and me was, to defend startposition 15 without any trouble. It works, but only for about 50 meters after green :(. Racers always said, you never win in first corner, but someone seems to think they could win 8h race on start straight even before first corner, above all, from nearly the end of the grid :mad:. Someone said, the mid row have had an bad start. I would say, it tooks a very long time until green came and it felt as that we just arrived pit exit at this moment. It should clear for every one, that the traffic would jams at turn 1 and no one will come through quicker. There was no need to close up unnecessarily near and break hard. Why is it that important to gain one or two positions at start in an 8h race??? And why didn´t drivers expect, that the car alongside had the same idea in the same moment? Most of us should have this experience of endurance racing and know what could happen and what risk it means, to get an space in the front middle. No one of the involved cars did have some advantage in this situation, we all lost really lot time :(. After maybe three corners it would have sorted in this way that every one could overtake without this big risk.

    I struggled on the Startline and crew chief reported me an puncher. It felt mostly like an lost tire and the car were not really maneuverable. I did not have dislayed my tires on dashboard, so i did not have seen it and my goal was, to left server as fast as I could, with or without all four tires. My internetcable isn´t fast reachable and i tried to shut down rF2 via Taskmanager. This worked not until third attempt, so I parked on the left side before T1 longer as I wanted to.
    It costs us about four laps until rejoining and the race was actually destroyed. Because of good continuity of Stephan and me we could reach P18 in GTE, but the race was mostly boring because of no fights and no cars to reach.

    Grats even on this way to our team mates from YNHR and all other winners, podiums and finalists :). Thank´s to P1 for orga an the commentators and reko for their job!
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  2. David Vanmullem

    David Vanmullem New Member

    Hi guys, I would like to thanks organizers for this beautiful event and pilots for the race. We spent an amazing time with you (We are the LMP2 - ANGRY BULL RACING TEAM 1). I did some endurance races by the past, and it was the cleanest race I saw ! See you soon on the next event !
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  3. Eduardo Garcia

    Eduardo Garcia New Member

    Why do gte cars that lose a lap not allow themselves to be overtaken and continue to fight for position with a faster driver?
    In this race several drivers I have come across with a lost lap did not allow themselves to be overtaken and fought for position, creating a dangerous situation for both cars.
    This is not the right behaviour for endurance races.
    The organization should be more on top of this type of behaviour in long races.
    thank you.
  4. Just want to thank P1 organizers and all drivers for an amazing race! Racing was really tough and generally very fair and lapping GTE traffic was really good. See you all at the next race and hopefully we can continue and improve on our solid result from this race!
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  5. Jean Mushin

    Jean Mushin New Member

    First of all thank you to the organizers as well as to all the pilots present for this 1st round.
    For the LMP2 team Fast Monkeys Racing on Ligier number 87.
    The start of the race was a bit chaotic because during qualifying and warmup each time I returned to the garage with the escape key, I was ejected from the car and found myself a passenger without nobody to take control of the car despite the presence of my teammate himself already as a passenger, so I had to disconnect and reconnect ... all this rush led us to forget to reload the setup and therefore to do the whole race on the base one setup.
    Regardless, we adapted and the race went pretty well overall.
  6. Mathieu Leclerc

    Mathieu Leclerc New Member

    hi, just to tell that our first race with P1-gaming
    everything goes well for round1
    many thanks

    maybe i was pray for a FCY when the yellow 911 was stuck for many many laps before the chicane
  7. Daryl Russell

    Daryl Russell New Member

    Hi can you check the results for #567? Shouldn't we got 10 points as I know we finished. I know for sure I crossed line one at the end some what 35+ laps down... But we :(finished . We got no points and neither did the drivers me, Ze Jesus and Rui Vieira. We know we had a rotten start getting caught up in that GTE pile up at the start and then a technical issue with Ze when he swapped over from me and halfway through his stint he had a screen freeze. Please could you investigate thankyou .:)
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  8. Daryl Russell

    Daryl Russell New Member

    It was a horrible start and could see the chain reaction what was going to happen. Unfortunately we clipped a Ferrari by our car #568 as he had spun into his path. I was directly behind my team mate in #567 and the Ferrari was smack bang broadside in front of me. Slammed the brakes but had no time to avoid. I know the impact ripped the rear wheel off the Ferrari and I got massive front damage and a bent steering. So sorry for hitting you Ferrari guys but we were innocent bystanders in that crazy start :(.
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  9. Daniel Hahn

    Daniel Hahn Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    I'm not part of race control, so this is unofficial until someone confirms it. But I'm pretty sure that is the reason

    Rule 8.4. states: extra points are given position independent to every driver who ends the race with a minimum race distance of 90% compared to the class race winner.

    GTE Class Winner did 251 Laps. 90% of that are 225,9. So you needed to do 226 Laps to get the 10 Points for finishing

    the rule exist, so teams can't just rejoin quickly in the end and get the extra points if something happened early in the race, and they don't drive because they just don't mind anymore.

    I'm sorry that you had technical difficulties but since there is no way to 100% verify that, I don't think race control will make an exception here.

    Wish you more luck in the next race

    #176 (224 Laps) didn't reach that mark either so to be completely fair race control should give that another check because they got those points.

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  10. Ze Jesus

    Ze Jesus New Member

    The rule is there and we know it, the big problem here is I've had done a full stint where the laps don't count (idk why) and the pit crew are closed as the red light at the end of the pitlane (had been obligated to shoot down rF2 and jump on again...) Oh well, we have no way to prove it, just a no respect blue flag warning by the race control is given me.
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  11. Daniel Hahn

    Daniel Hahn Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    If you drove and laps didn't count it should be on the replay, so I hope we can verify that
    next time if laps don't count I think it's best to restart immediately
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  12. Nick Newcombe

    Nick Newcombe New Member

    Idea_A1.png Deuces Motorsport Club thank the organisers for their hard work, and we are happy for our P2 in class. But we chase top step next race. We think competition will be great, and new fair rivalry's will form this season and will be great to watch race to race.

    Onwards to Spa :)
  13. I also owe a big apology to whoever was leading the P2 class about lap 155 - I thought they were a very slow HC and could not work out why they were making such a meal of overtaking me on the home straight and stadium section - I would have lifted much more had I known you were were in a P2.
  14. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Only have checked the logs and traces and there the laps had been missing. And as @Ze Jesus was for me stationary in the pits all the time i don't think the laps are in the replay.

    I have fixed it. I needed to enable the 90% rule to apply correctly to all classes. So far it was only necessary to work in a one-class league ;)
  15. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    We cant observe all cars all the time and when we see a group of cars it's hard to spot if it's a battle for position or lapping. Especially that we don't follow the race and position not as close as you teams/driver or the commentators. So if there are such situations it's helpful if you inform us so we can check and then inform the other car and tell them what they are doing is wrong and what they can do to improve. We have a wide variety of experience and this way they can learn and the racing overall will improve.
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  16. Ze Jesus

    Ze Jesus New Member

  17. Ze Jesus

    Ze Jesus New Member

    Oh well, I don't matter the points, but is a bit unfair to all 3 of us who had been there the all 8 hours of the race, frustrated because it was a bug? Idk you don't know, move on, we will live with that! ;)

    PS: If race control save the warnings and penalties you should see a blue flag warning during that period (where the logs show that I'm stationary)
  18. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    In race control, we don't see blue flag warning and yellow flags also only from the marshals in-game. So there is no save of warning. But this would be nice to have.

    With stationary in pit, I meant to say that your car was in the garage like you have not been on the server at all in this time.
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  19. Ze Jesus

    Ze Jesus New Member

    I play rF2 since day one (first beta public release) but I start to bit disappointed with it... If this happen one more time... Better quit, anoug is anoug! :(
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