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Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Markus Broch, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Discuss any race specific topics here (or open your own thread).
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  2. Jorge Fernandez Madronal

    Jorge Fernandez Madronal New Member P1 gaming e.V.

    new server pass?
  3. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

  4. Jorge Fernandez Madronal

    Jorge Fernandez Madronal New Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Thank you Markus,
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  5. Mathieu Leclerc

    Mathieu Leclerc New Member

    for the admins:

    can you please remind in a briefing to all drivers in case of race start with wet condition (weather forecast tall a bit a rain in begining of afternoon)
    some teams may be trying in slick tires if drying

    so the main racing line will be drying, when in grid formation for the start procedure, one of the car will have to start on wet side !
    So be extremly carefull all 1st lap i would say
    orange zone all 1st one ?

    Or could it be easier to do a start in single line, all car on dry racing line ?

    Or safety-car for the start and first lap(s) ?

    as we have 12 hours not everything to gain in 1st lap

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  6. Csaba Kiss

    Csaba Kiss Member

    Hi everyone! P1 admins. Can you take a look on this? Ligier has still more pit time than the orecas.

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  7. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    We are aware of this but didn't get any support from S397 to fix it. After the race, we check the number of driver swaps for the Ligiers and give them the lost time back.

    We checked it also after the Nürburing race. But as the positions would have still been the same we didn't edit the race result.
  8. Csaba Kiss

    Csaba Kiss Member

    This is a way to correct this. But in the race we are gonna drop a lot of time. and we get lapped. Because of this.
  9. Mathieu Leclerc

    Mathieu Leclerc New Member

    hi as we use endurance pit lane,

    where is the start line ?

    on F1 GP grid ? or in endurance as 24h hours of Spa?
    because orange zone is from la source to raidillon
  10. Nick Newcombe

    Nick Newcombe New Member

    Why do GTE cars fight for every corner under Blue Flag? Why is it so hard to lift into turn and NOT take middle of track then turn in and hit us every **** time!
  11. Jean Mushin

    Jean Mushin New Member

    Even if certain situations can put our nerves to the test, this is not a reason to drive as irresponsible as you did in the last laps of the race causing yourself new collisions despite the fact that your direct competitor was already several laps ahead.....
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  12. Philip Bachmann

    Philip Bachmann New Member

    What happens if you get a DT because of track limits in the last laps of the race and you cannot serve it before the race ends? Will you get time penalty or will it just be carried on to next race?
    If this is answered in the rules, I couldn't find it, so please enlighten me :)
  13. Mario Tump

    Mario Tump Member

    rFactor2 take care of this Situation on his own. If you get this Situation as described above you'll lose one Lap. No matter which Track. Unless P1-Gaming did change this Setting in the past but i don't think so. This is the default Setting.
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  14. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Not 100% correct.

    We don't change the game setting (don't know if you could). But the game gives either a time or a lap and time penalty depending on the situation.
    In this race not served DT had been change to time penalties of 25s ;)
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  15. Ok, so after a very intense race I thought I make a small recap from our RevolutionSimRacing #74 race.

    Quali was interesting: loved doing the quali in the wet. Had quite some time still to improve, but couldn't string the sector times together. In the end we started 8th in the Hyperclass.

    In the warmup I tried to feel how the intermediates were, but it was simply too wet at that stage to run them. So we decided to run the wets. When we warmup ended I was a bit late with loading and adjusting my setup to the wet conditions, that I had to start from the pits. We got permission to get at the back of the prototype field and had to start as last. I was a bit pissed with myself, but was at least happy I could start the race. Due tot he wet track, I couldn't see much, which meant taking it easy in the first part of the race and get a start without incidents was key to our race.

    Then we came up to the start. When we got up Radillion and Simon said "prototypes green", I slammed the throttle and got an absolutely amazing start! I went from P22 at Radillion (last prototype) to P7 (leading Hypercar) at the end of the Kemmel straight! I had such a good start that I started to doubt if I jump started and when Paul said to me "F*ck me Mo!....." I said: "That was ok, right?" Thankfully I was streaming and I can share that start here as well. There's no engine sound as my streaming software accidently selected the wrong audio source. But from my breathing you can hear I was focused and working hard lol :-D :
    Check the stream at 45m13s (if the video starts at another time). Stream is Paul's restream from my stream btw :-D

    The car felt absolutely great in the wet and I could fight for the top positions in the hypercar. That was until I started to get cpu spikes 10 minutes or so in the race. As I drive in VR this made it quite difficult to keep up a good pace. Despite my frame issues my pace was on par with the top drivers, so I kept going on. After my second stint we were running P4 and our pace was really good. Philip and Paul did an amazing job in the following stints to hold our position. Sadly we had an incident in turn 9 that resulted in 220+ seconds damage. Sorry to the cars that got involved in this incidents as it was our mistake! We lost three laps due to this and we continued fighting back from P12. In the last couple of hours we drove back to P5.

    As Paul's pace was really good we decided to keep him in the car to hold off @Jan Kattau and @Emrah Mujanovic who were chasing us in P6. We almost got P5........until Paul ran a bit wide in Blanchimont 2 laps from the finish.......and we got a drive through. Emrah overtook us and exiting the pits serving our drive through we drove the last lap in P6. What....a.....race! So many highs, lows, so intense! In the end we got P6 in the first two races and we are going to fight to improve in the next races.

    Thanx to @Simon Christmann and all other race directors for again a great race. Thanx to all other drivers of course as it was just super cool to see a packed field of 50+ cars! Amazing! And thanx P1-gaming for another awesome race!

    Expect RSR #74 to be back next race to improve even more!
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  16. David Vanmullem

    David Vanmullem New Member

    I just want to thank the organizers and the staff for this great event. Our team (Angry Bull Racing Team 1 & 2) had a great race and a good result. The race was really fun and I loved the wet condition during qualify and start of race. It was so interesting, because, different kind of tyre could be use, because of the dry race line with a lot of water out of the race line.

    See you soon, in Silverstone...
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