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Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Simon Christmann, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

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  2. Mike Noetzelmann

    Mike Noetzelmann New Member

    Muss mich leider fürs we abmelden da ich noch bis Samstag im Urlaub bin
  3. Heiko Kolvenbach

    Heiko Kolvenbach New Member

    Sorry aber für das rennen meld ich mich ab.
  4. Simon Scott

    Simon Scott Member

    I. Afraid i cant make this race. Something has come up and I wont be home in time. Sorry for the late notice
  5. Alex Woitala

    Alex Woitala New Member

    Liege krank im Bett und kann deshalb heute leider nicht fahren. Sorry. Bin das nächste mal wieder am Start.
  6. Really sorry chaps im afraid i will have to pull out of this and the rest of the events i just cant commit anymore really sorry.
  7. Sascha Glatter

    Sascha Glatter New Member

    Im out
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