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Discussion in 'P1GTS' started by Simon Christmann, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Adam Helyes

    Adam Helyes Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Anyway, very good everything, organization, live bt, etc. But the stadings page is a little weird.
    Aren't you thinking about another system? Log analyzer? Very complex program. upload_2020-10-16_12-54-10.png
  2. Alex Woitala

    Alex Woitala Administrator Staff Member P1GTS Organizer P1 gaming e.V.

    We have no IRRs from any driver. But orange zone needs to be checked by us. This will happen sometime this weekend. After that we'll have the final standings.
  3. Alex Woitala

    Alex Woitala Administrator Staff Member P1GTS Organizer P1 gaming e.V.

    Standings have been updated and some problems with the 0's have been fixed.

    Congratulations to @Georgi Nedev for winning the series. Same goes for @Sebastian Pfeiffer and @Christian Pallesen who complete the podium.
    Also the team championship was dominated by GOTeam Racing with Schubert Motorsport esport and West Endurance Masters on the following positions.

    Thanks to everyone who joined the series and especially to those who joined all races or at least most of them.

    I hope, we'll see many of you guys in the upcoming GT season which will start at the beginning of next year. So stay tuned for further informations about that in the forum. First informations will be shared in the Nordschleife 24 hours stream.
  4. Sebastian Pfeiffer

    Sebastian Pfeiffer Active Member

    Once again congrats to "Schorsch" as we say in Germany. :D

    And of course thanks to Alex, Simon, Markus and Daniel for organizing and commentating those 16 races. Again very action-packed races, maily due to the reversed grid. It might lead to more incidents compared to a longer, single race, but at least for me it is much more enjoyable as a driver this way and probably also more exciting to watch in the stream. Plus it is a bigger challenge for all participants and we all learn along the way handling situations with a lot of cars in a small amount of space.

    Nevertheless I have to criticize one thing, which is the commentating on the championship situation in the last one or two race meetings. Taking the strike-out result (which is a very good idea in my opinion as not everyone might be able to participate in every race) into account, Georgi and myself were on equal points during the last race up until Georgis last pass, which he did with about 5 minutes left on the clock. So there would have been quite a bit more to comment on during the last race(s) besides the live ontrack action. ;)

    The description for the last LMS race unfortunately is wrong aswell.
    Neither LMP nor GTE class is decided yet, if my maths is correct. ;) Looks like we need to come into the commentating booth again to put the numbers right. :D
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