rFactor2 P1 24h Nordschleifen Event sin up

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    P1-Gaming eV. rocks the November.24h Green Hell,,,

    We start the 7th edition of our annual highlight 2021. With the GT3's and the Porsche Cup it goes 2 times around the clock. We expect again great teams from the rf2 Scene and the whole thing will be streamed live and commented as usual by the P1-Media team. Now it's wild we rock the Green Hell!!!

    P1-Gaming eV. Members can register 21.10. - 25.10.2021
    P1-Gaming eV. Members can register max one car

    P1LMS qualified teams Sign Up 26.10. - 30.10.2021
    From P1LMS qualified teams will be contacted by the P1 staff regarding the registration

    Public Sign Up 31.10.2021
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    Good morning, can I ask the sign up procedure?
    Edit: Found thank you.
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