P1 24h Nordschleife 2020 General - Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Markus Broch, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Roman Okon

    Roman Okon Member

    Mh i don't know I switched back to the old UI now, but still I am able to get 100l instead of 95, but no ABS setting available. This is really weird as 5l more fuel would be a advantage, is there nobody wiht the same behaviour here? Maybe I need to reinstall the car completly?
  2. Juan Cofino

    Juan Cofino New Member

    [QUOTE = "Roman Okon, publicación: 13049, miembro: 120"] Mh, no sé. Ahora cambié a la interfaz de usuario anterior, pero aún puedo obtener 100l en lugar de 95, pero no hay configuración de ABS disponible. Esto es realmente extraño, ya que 5 litros más de combustible serían una ventaja, ¿no hay nadie con el mismo comportamiento aquí? ¿Quizás necesito reinstalar el auto por completo? [/ QUOTE]
    100 L??? I 95L.....
  3. Juan Puyo

    Juan Puyo New Member

    Hello, I would say that I already made a registration post for the 24h nurburgring where I put my name next to those of my colleagues but we did not appear in the entry list with the porschecup GT3, I am in doubt seeing that we do not appear
  4. Juan Cofino

    Juan Cofino New Member

    [QUOTE = "Juan Puyo, post: 13060, afiliado: 1856"] Hola, les diría que ya hice un post de registro para el Nurburgring 24h donde puse mi nombre al lado de los de mis compañeros pero no aparecimos en el lista de entrada con el porschecup GT3, tengo dudas al ver que no aparecemos [/ QUOTE]

    Será por qué estás de reserva
  5. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member P1 gaming e.V.


    same happend to us. Contact staff member directly i want to advise you!
  6. Does anyone know what font we have to use in the number plates - apparently they are wrong but no idea what font to use?

    Thanks in advance
  7. Paul Holt

    Paul Holt New Member

    dejavu sans, its in the car templates Zip

    Attached Files:

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  8. Juan Cofino

    Juan Cofino New Member

    Since the server update, it gives an error when accessing, really one day of the qualy?
  9. Jason Nik

    Jason Nik New Member

    Was there an update on any of the server stuff cause im getting "Package Not Available" on any of the servers.
  10. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Yes was a late update but everything should work now.
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  11. Jason Nik

    Jason Nik New Member

    Yep, all good now, thanks :)
  12. Juan Cofino

    Juan Cofino New Member

    [QUOTE = "Simon Christmann, publicación: 13080, miembro: 3"] Sí, fue una actualización tardía, pero todo debería funcionar ahora. [/ QUOTE]

    thanks :)
  13. Tonnie Jansen

    Tonnie Jansen New Member

    is it allowed to swap during qualifying or has it to be the same driver 2 hours long?
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  14. Rolf Hvarregaard

    Rolf Hvarregaard New Member

    The #69 TENGA Team WAT Mclaren has had some weird stuff done to it's material layers in the pack on the server. Can this please be fixed? We are racing corporate-approved liveries so they need to be accurate. Here a picture of the car as in the pack vs the car as designed along with the browser settings on color:
  15. Juan Puyo

    Juan Puyo New Member

    Hello, we still do not know the MSD team if we have a place to participate, the members of this team are not the first time we participate and this year we would not like to lose the participation,

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  16. Alex Meiser

    Alex Meiser Member

    In the skin rules, is exactly called "White layer has to be matte paint" and when i look to your settings in the tool, the white layer is "matte vinyl" , so the admins have to rework your skin, and maybe this is why it looks different
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  17. Rolf Hvarregaard

    Rolf Hvarregaard New Member

    I talked to Ricardo about it and changed the skin around to work in an acceptable manner (he got the file for it some hours ago).

    I would recommend the explanation I got (matt vinyl appearing grey in some cases) being listed in the skin rules, because I assumed that rule was a mistake since there was a region class for the number plates.
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  18. Alex Meiser

    Alex Meiser Member

    Okay, was just a guess, what coul happen, but if the problem is solved, everytings okay :)
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  19. Juan Cofino

    Juan Cofino New Member

    Espero que en carrera los gt3 no avancen desesperadamente como en clasificación, ya que también hay otra categoría peleando.

  20. Juan Cofino

    Juan Cofino New Member

    I hope that in the race the gt3 do not advance desperately as in qualifying, since there is also another category fighting.
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