P1 24h Nordschleife 2020 General - Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Markus Broch, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Alex Meiser

    Alex Meiser Member

    You have to choose in the tuning menu in car select the endurance version of the cup
  2. Ricardo Edelmann

    Ricardo Edelmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V. P1 Steward

    Admin Post
    You need to check your car upgrades in the tuning menu. The server only allows the Endurance suspensions and not the normal Cup suspension for the Porsche Cup.
  3. Hannes Hiller

    Hannes Hiller Member

    Either i am to stupid to use the rFactor 2 Menus or both Endurance Upgrades (soft and hard springs) have exactly the same spring values (160/180).
    Anyonen else seen that?

  4. Alex Sakurada

    Alex Sakurada New Member

    I have a question with regards to ping - I'm on a wired connection and I have been in the practice server for almost 2 hours without any issues, so my internet connection is definitely stable in that regard. No lag-induced incidents either with other people in the server. However, my ping averages at around 280-300 ms. With all that said, am I still eligible to race in this event?

  5. Ricardo Edelmann

    Ricardo Edelmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V. P1 Steward

    Admin Post
    Actually did not look at that yet. Will test in the next few days tho^^

    @Alex Sakurada
    As long as you're connection is stable enough to not produce any significant lag it's fine. If you or anyone else is a danger on track due to lag, our race control will ask the driver's team to do a driver change.
  6. Alex Sakurada

    Alex Sakurada New Member

    Noted. Thanks for the quick answer!
  7. Rolf Hvarregaard

    Rolf Hvarregaard New Member

    Just to check this is a known issue to the admins - when you name a livery according to your specified conventions with a 3-digit race number Cup Car, you break the 12-character limit for letting rFactor2 load your skin.
    24h_Cup_911C_169 ->13 characters.

    I'll submit the liveries of TENGA Team WAT according to the above, but please do know that you need to correct this before making the modpack or else the cars will all break for everyone.
  8. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Member P1 gaming e.V.

    If the mod is done correctly (like it has always been here from my experience), it shouldn't matter, as some of the original content has more than 20 letters. The 12 character limit should only affect, if you create a team in your rf2 showroom.

    Hope I didn't write any bullshit :confused:
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  9. Juan Cofino

    Juan Cofino New Member

    real weather on race day?
  10. Robin Mueller

    Robin Mueller New Member

    I can't join the practice server anymore. Steam downloaded yesterday some updates including the track and some GT3 cars. Now I always receive the following error message when trying to connect to the server: bad file descriptor. Beforehand I can see for a very short amount of time the following message: Downloading P1_HondaNSX_PaceCar. As I can't find a car named like this in my rFactor 2 directory I guess this download is failing for some reason.
  11. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Check if the work folder in content is pointing to your packages folder. It may point to a non existing bin32/packages.

  12. Robin Mueller

    Robin Mueller New Member

    Thanks that did the trick.
  13. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Of course ;)!!!
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  14. Jean-Pierre Helpap

    Jean-Pierre Helpap New Member

    After the last update the FPS dropped significantly. Is there a way to disable the pbb update personally?
  15. Tobi Elwig

    Tobi Elwig New Member

    Hey Guys
    I made a mistake whilst uploading our Skin (Team #83 RS Schnitzelland). The Region Layers seem to be missing.
    Is there a way to send the right one?
  16. Roman Okon

    Roman Okon Member

    Hey Orga Team,

    within my team we might discovered a stange behaviour with setup of the Cup Porsche.
    One member is using old UI and I am using the new one.

    We are able to configure different settings in setup area. In old UI my mate is able to configure ABS for the CUP Porsche but is only able to select 95l of fuel. In new UI I am able to select 100l fuel but I am not able to configure ABS.

    Any idea where this difference comes from?

  17. David Tepper

    David Tepper Active Member

    Check If both of you uses the Endurance Version of the Cup Porsche.
  18. Roman Okon

    Roman Okon Member

    Yes we do, both on hard springs
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  19. Mario Tump

    Mario Tump Member

    There is still an issue with the packaging of the porsche cup car. If you select the hard springs, you actually get the soft spring setup. This might cause the issue...
  20. Franck Dechavanne

    Franck Dechavanne New Member

    One more added to the list of bugs in the beta UI I guess.

    They're supposed to get different spring settings based on their upgrades.ini, are you also using the beta UI?
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