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    Hello everyone,

    It is time to make everything official. The Next race is already coming up fast and a few changes had to be made. Due to some issues with track performance that are not fixable until race date we had to change the track to the new official Sebring Intl. release of Studio397. But that's not all. The P1 12h Sebring 2018 will also bring a few more changes.
    Car choice for the P1 12h Sebring 2018 will be the official Endurance Pack from Studio397.
    Templates for the cars are available in the Resource manager on our Homepage.
    Furthermore we had to change the race date to September 29th. This is due to P1-Gaming Staff duties at the SimracingExpo, held the week before September 22nd. This will give us more time to react to problems or other changes.

    So as a summary:
    Racedate: 29.09.2018
    Track: Sebring 12h Layout by Studio397
    Cars: Endurance Pack by Studio397 (LMP2, LMP3, GTE)

    Sign Up:

    Sign-Up starts right now for P1-Gaming e.V. Members.
    Open Sign-Up starts on Sunday, 12.08.2018 @ 10.00 AM GMT

    Every manager is able to sign up 1 car per LMP Class and 2 cars in the GTE Class.
    (Sign-Up change is currently not working for the LMP Class entries. Please contact an admin if you have to change your driver line-up.)

    Class entries are limited as followed:

    LMP2: 12 Entries
    LMP3: 13 Entries
    GTE: 25 Entries

    All other important information regarding the race and testraces will be found here shortly:

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