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Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Simon Christmann, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. May i ask you a question:
    If you are driving at, lets say Macau, do you there also insist, that you have to be able to put half the car behind the "white line", which would mean you should be able to drive through the walls, which define the limit of the track?
  2. Jordy Zwiers

    Jordy Zwiers Member

    I think its time to thank the P1 crew for hosting this race. Ive said it via discord already, and also they had rock solid servers again like usual, no issues whatsoever. They are a small crew and its not easy to host such a big race so my respect to them :) It was a difficult race, with me only changing my front tires and forgetting to change the rears in qually which meant P12... way below what I aimed for. The race was tricky too, with the drying up conditions which made it hard to make a pass. Handing the car to Greg we were in contention for a podium spot but when a car drove into a standing still vehicle he got collected so again damage, once I got back in the car I lost my braking marker completely when overtaking Speedymite, into the wall... Very uncharacteristic mistake, Ive never done anything like that before.. So I repaired, finished the stint and gave the car back to Greg in P10. He drove amazingly, giving the viewers some great fighting on track with Simon, two camaro's going at it. He decided I should do the last stint, so I had to put something right in this stint and I drove as quickly as I could with no big mistakes to salvage P5 at the end. What a race. Again big thanks to the P1 Crew for organizing this!
  3. Ivor Thomas

    Ivor Thomas Member

    I have said all I'm going to say, perhaps at 53 I am too old and mature for this server and some of the infantile people that frequent it. Good Bye.
  4. Tom Young

    Tom Young Member

    I would also like to thank the P1 guys for organising, streaming, and generally putting up with us wannabe pretend racing drivers over the last few weeks - you lot are wonderful. This event had given us at RSR an opportunity to showcase the excitement and gratification of team racing to those in our community new to rF2, resulting in 4 of our members making their debuts in the race yesterday. Despite our poor results, I think it's safe to say we have succeeded in passing on the bug to our newbies, so thanks for the opportunity :)

    Unfortunately 4 of our cars had drivers affected by VR performance issues (myself included) & other technical/on track issues, resulting in 3 of our 5 cars retiring mid race. We understand the performance issues of the circuit were outside of P1's control, but we would like to again thank the organisers for their attempts to solve the issue with circuit updates - your efforts were very much appreciated in getting us on the grid.

    And finally, yet another thanks goes to the stewards. We were allowed to substitute a VR performance affected driver from a running car, with an unaffected driver from a retired car. The generosity of the stewards allowed our drivers to pull together to get a doomed car home - a nice example of the spirit of endurance at work. We'll be back for the next one! :)
  5. Also a huge thanks to the P1 team from me as well. Another great event. The behavior of (almost) all cars was very good as well. I was a little surprised that I managed to grab pole because I didn't really do any qually practice. I guess the rain leveled the field a little.

    So started from first, only to give it away the next lap by missing my braking point for T4 thanks to the stutter that I had, like many others. Dropped to 3rd because of it but managed to stay there. Luckily it was my only mistake and @Jon Uyan also did a great job keeping the car clean, bringing the car home in 2nd!

    Already looking forward to the next one! ;)



  6. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    First i am happy so many of you took part in the race and had a good time. Also that the server was once again rock solid. I check to server performance after 5 hour of racing and the server was all the time in chill mode. So from server side even larger grids should be possible, but there are limit on client side as well as from the game (e.g. number possible pit spots).

    To the missing car in the grid. 4 had problems with sick dirvers which can happen in this time of the year and they told us in advance they wont make it. So everything is fine here. 1 car had perfomance issue and tried to change the starting driver. But to late and the server already rolled into the race. Ivor had a last minute spot so its for me ok he then decided not to race. But on T6 (not T4) i did some changes and after this there was only 1 driver reporting problems. Myself in the same car i could hit this anti cut without making a barrel roll.

    If you now ask why the 4 free spots have not been assigned to the teams on the reserve list. They can only be put in the grid when they respond to the message that the have a spot and can race. If there is not response (maybe to short preparation time, other plans for the weekend) they wont get in the entrylist and the next on the reserve list will be asked.

    To the performance issues. Its hard to find the problem when you have limited time and also are not affected by this. So each step you want to test take a lot more time when you cant do a quick check on your own. You always have to prepare a server and wait for some feedback. We also tried to organise alternative version of road america but both option had not been optimized for dx11.
  7. The first will be the last, so:

    I want to say thanks to the whole P1 Team too. A great event again!
    Thanks also to my Rennsimulanten/Racetrackart teammates especially Christian Knudsen, first endurance race for him and he did really well:
    Alien pace, saving fuel and tyres, a flawless race.

    At the end of the qualifying Christian had some performance problems, was like driving in slow motion, so we decided to
    do a driver change during the warm up and I started the race from P5.

    The start was clean and disciplined and I could pass two ferraris in the first corner using the dry line.
    Then Brian made his mistake and I could follow Mario through. Be chased by Brian lap by lap was huge fun and good motivation to force the pace, but no chance there to catch Mario.
    We where very lucky in many situations, I have to say. I had some close calls which could have destroyed our race very quickly.
    Standing cars beside the track, rejoining cars or the ferrari crashfest after the first corner.

    Lapping was a pleasure most the time, thanks to all (you can factor out our special friend here) touring car drivers .

    Looking forward to Bathurst and DX11 stream :)
  8. Christian Knudsen

    Christian Knudsen New Member

    Firstly, I also want to thank the guys from P1 for putting up a great event!

    This has been my first time to participate in an endurance race including driver changes, varying weather conditions and multi-class. Being the "rookie" in our team my main goal basically was not to screw it up :D

    Qualifying didn't quite go to plan due to some performance issues on my side. Happily we were able to switch drivers in the warm up session. My teammate Christian Tüllner did an incredible job in the first stint, especially bearing in mind that he just jumped into the car minutes before the race start without really getting to know the track conditions.

    Once he handed the car over to me I tried to build up some pressure to Mario in his Porsche. It was quite interesting to see the gap constantly changing lap after lap due to the different amounts of traffic. Never experienced that before. Unfortunately he had a crash with a car spinning out in front of him so the first place was given to us without having to put up a fight for it. With Sebastians steering wheel malfunctioning, we happened to be in quite a comfortable lead just 2 hours into the race.

    From this point onwards it was mainly all about keeping the race as clean as possible without risking anything when lapping the tourers or other GT3s. Thanks to everybody (well...nearly ;) ) for making this as easy as possible, over the course of 3 hours I didn't have any critical situations whatsoever :)

    Speaking of critical situations...with just 13 minutes to go rFactor2 suddenly decided to have a 5 second freeze :eek: I already thought that's it but then the screen came back to me and I found myself in turn 5 touching a tourer (who had been 300m behind me before the freeze). I want to apologise to the blue/green BMW 125i that I've crashed in that situation:( I hope you survived that contact without too much damage on the car.

    On top of being forced into the wall in that incident I also found myself stuck in a hole with one of my rear wheels and it took me about one minute of abusing the clutch and gearbox to get out of there again :D Luckily the car was ok so we could go on to the finishing line without any further problems.

    I want to congratulate everybody who has finished the race. Special thanks to the Rennsimulanten team for getting me into this (and all the fun hours on TS :) ) and of course to my teammate Christian for an absolute flawless race :)

    Most importantly I want to thank the P1 / P1 media team for a great event! Rock-solid servers, amazing live stream, live stewards...what else could you possibly wish for?:)

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  9. James Lyke

    James Lyke Member

    @Simon Christmann

    Any chance of Race streams being broadcast in English so those of us not on track can enjoy the race?
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  10. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    we are planning a multi stream on P1-Media
  11. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    If we find enough english commentators we plan to do an english and german stream. So if you are interested to commentate or know someone who is just tell us ;)
  12. Jon Uyan

    Jon Uyan Active Member

    Actually Road America broadcast was in English from hour 4 and to the finish (by Ricardo and Troy Uyan)
    We just forgot to advertise about it before the race. :)
  13. Michael Wilson

    Michael Wilson New Member

    @Simon Christmann I've just seen the stewards decisions and I was told in the teamspeak on raceday that I'd be reinstated on the results in p6 as I was disqualified after finishing the race, but the session had ended by the time the RD could un-dq me. Any chance of that still happening or is that result lost?
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