24H Series English Broadcast

Discussion in 'Series' started by Jon Uyan, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Jon Uyan

    Jon Uyan Well-Known Member SimHQM

    We are looking for anybody who is interested in joining English commentary team.
    Previous experience is not necessary. Send me a PM.
  2. David OReilly

    David OReilly Well-Known Member

    PM sent, I have even been working on an Australian Accent for Bathurst.
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  3. Jon Uyan

    Jon Uyan Well-Known Member SimHQM

    I can happily say that we now have a formidable English broadcast team: Troy Uyan, Steven Hill, David OReilly and as team leader Ricardo.
    We are planning to bring as much English commentary as possible in long 12H and 24H races, and in a separate stream so that German and English preference will be available.

    We are hopeful that P1 broadcast viewership will go up with this effort as we are filling the void for international viewers. I'm very happy with members of the team as they will have a big impact on the quality of the broadcast. All 4 are good, experienced drivers themselves. They know the cars, the setups/ technical aspects, teamwork that is required for endurance racing and rF2 structure. They will carry a big punch :)

    By the way if there are other members that want to try race commentary and learn the ropes can still send me a pm.
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