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  1. Jérémy Flahaut
    Jérémy Flahaut Markus Broch
    Hello, can you remove a player from the server?
    It has been inactive for a long time and it is impossible to restart the session
  2. Javier Cavero
    Javier Cavero Gerhard Lindauer
    sorry. cant find link to accest indianapolis
    can u send?
  3. Noel Caceres
    Noel Caceres
    No trabajo la chatarra
  4. Max Römer
    Max Römer
    Team International Racing
  5. Diego Carranza
    Diego Carranza Markus Broch
    Hello Markus, nice to meet you. I would love to be part of the league with my team Bubba Racing, but I dont know what are the steps for joining a championship, and if there still time to do it. Thank you.
    1. Markus Broch
      Markus Broch
      we are in the race. i will write you a pn tomorrow ok
      Apr 22, 2023
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  6. Mathias Haarvig
  7. Julian Köhler
    Julian Köhler
    P1LMS Line-up: #11 Oreca 07 LMP2 #114 BMW M8 GTE
  8. Tamas Jager
    Tamas Jager
    Team Manager
  9. Heiko Kolvenbach
    Heiko Kolvenbach
    Schuber Motorsport eSport
  10. Tamas Jager
  11. Stephan Kock
  12. David Zirwes
  13. Olivier Thonne
    Olivier Thonne
    vroum vroum la tuture
  14. Nico Barclay
  15. Eva Campos
    Eva Campos
    I am maried with Nico Maimo, he contamined me with the simracing virus :-)
  16. Ben Boorman
    Ben Boorman Markus Broch
    Hello Markus, would you please change my forum name to Ben Boorman?

    Thanks in advance!
    1. Markus Broch
      Markus Broch
      yes done
      Nov 7, 2021
  17. Arwyn Brock
  18. Noel Perez
  19. Jonathan Hureaux
    Jonathan Hureaux
    Deuxième c'est la première places des perdants
  20. Carlos Lozano
    Carlos Lozano Markus Broch
    Hello Markus, hope you are well, just wanted to ask you if is possible to change my name in forum so it matches my profile name in rFactor2 for my complete name (Carlos Lozano), I'm missing the surname part, i tried editing my profile but cant see where to.

    Thank you in advance
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    2. Markus Broch
      Markus Broch
      i change it
      Jan 4, 2021
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    3. Carlos Lozano
      Carlos Lozano
      Sorry Markus to ask you again, but my name in the entry list for the P1GTS shows as Carlos only with a "x" next to it.

      Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience
      Jan 4, 2021
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