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Hello everyone,

as we have agreed in a partnership with Studio397, we needed to change a few things in our P1LMS2019.
To get full support by Studio397 it was necessary to exchange all unofficial content in the league due to licensing and legal issues.
Since we are using official cars only we just had to exchange three tracks in the calendar. Please...
Hello everyone,

In the last few weeks our staff members have had all hands on finalizing the last things for the P1LMS2019 and the year overall.

As a result we can be proud to announce a partnership with Studio397.
After a few talks with Marcel Offermans (Managing Director of Studio397) we could come up with an agreement....
Hello everyone,

It is time to make everything official. The Next race is already coming up fast and a few changes had to be made. Due to some issues with track performance that are not fixable until race date we had to change the track to the new official Sebring Intl. release of Studio397. But that's not all. The P1 12h Sebring 2018 will also bring... read on......
Assetto Corsa Ankündigung
Der beste GT3 Bolide aus Maranello lässt mit seinem 3,9Liter V8-Biturbo-Mittelmotor den Mythos Ferrari die Hufen in den Asphalt brennen. Steig ein und nimm die Herausforderung an!

  • 28 Fahrer
  • Ferrari 488 GT3
  • 10 Strecken
  • 2 Rennen a 30 min, sowie ein 1h Rennen
  • 14-tägig montags ab 20:00 Uhr live bei P1-Media
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Studio 397 haben die neuen GT3-Fahrzeuge veröffentlicht. Mit der Veröffentlichung kommt gleichzeitig noch ein etwas kleinerer Patch, der aber ein paar schöne Features in sich trägt.
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