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Round 3 of the P1LMS Championship crosses the globe, from Japan to the United Kingdom, to run around and across the old runways of Silverstone. Originating as a bomber station during World War II, Silverstone hosted its first official race in 1948. The track has evolved through the years, with the latest changes in 2011 locking down the current, highly technical layout. The track is so embedded in racing culture that everyone knows the corner names here. Copse, Maggotts, Becketts, Stowe, Luffield. It is this track that will punish the drivers for 8 hours. Read more...

Round 2 of the P1LMS Championship takes the teams and drivers north from Malaysia to Japan, to traverse the treacherous figure-8 layout of the Matsusaka (a.k.a. Suzuka) circuit. Matsusaka was designed in the early 1960s as a Honda test track. That legacy carries over into the modern era, with its original and highly technical layout only slightly altered in the interest of safety. Every team and driver will be tested for the duration of the 12 hour event.

At last month’s 8 Hours of Sepang, the #106 Black Hawk Racing took the overall win, with the #88 Me Myself and I alone and the #69 RevolutionSimRacing LMP2s rounding out the podium. In GTE, the #77 TeamRGPL Porsche 911 RSR took the initial win in this year’s championship, followed by the #74 MRS eRacing II BMW M8 and the #30 Raceland de BMW M8.
That's right folks! We are opening up the Sign Ups again for Round 2 of the P1LMS2019 Championship.

A few teams contacted our staff team if it's still possible to sign up for round 2 onwards.

We thought about it and came to the conclusion to open up the Sign Up forms again from 08.02.2019 18.00 UTC to 22.02.2019 15.00 UTC.

We just have a few spots...
Hello everyone,

as we have agreed in a partnership with Studio397, we needed to change a few things in our P1LMS2019.
To get full support by Studio397 it was necessary to exchange all unofficial content in the league due to licensing and legal issues.
Since we are using official cars only we just had to exchange three tracks in the calendar. Please...
Hello everyone,

In the last few weeks our staff members have had all hands on finalizing the last things for the P1LMS2019 and the year overall.

As a result we can be proud to announce a partnership with Studio397.
After a few talks with Marcel Offermans (Managing Director of Studio397) we could come up with an agreement....
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